Mobile skins fixed

We have made some small improvements to the Roundcube mobile skins: the error message page and the button background problems have been fixed and the missing attachment icon has been included. The upgraded skins can be downloaded from the customer area of our shop.

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Identity editing fixed in mobile skins

We fixed a bug in the mobile skins that occasionally caused problems when loading the identity editing pages. If you’d like to upgrade your mobile skins, you can re-download the upgraded versions from the customer area. The desktop skins are not affected by this bug and don’t need to be upgraded.

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Mobile skin icons compatible with cPanel

A while ago we started using SVG images for skin icons on mobile devices. We got some positive feedback about this change as it improved the quality of the images (click here for more details). Unfortunately we also discovered that the current version of cPanel blocks SVG images from being served and some of you […]

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If you'd like to see our skins in action, try our demo site.

After you log in, you can change the skins in Settings / User interface.

Roundcube versions

Our skins are compatible with Roundcube 0.9.x and 1.x. If you need skins for the older versions of Roundcube, contact us.

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