Prices and Features

License Free Basic Mega Pack Bulk discount
Price Free $99 $149Save $346
Desktop skin
(LiteCube Free)

(1 skin)

(All 6 skins)

(As requested)
Single server
1 year of free upgrades
Mobile skin
(1 skin)

(All 6 skins)

(As requested)
Theme selector plugin
1 year of tech support
Commercial use
Multiple servers

By purchasing the skins, you agree to the Software License Agreement.

Important information

1. Usage, upgrade and support
Once you purchase a skin license, you are allowed to use that particular version of the skin indefinitely, without any time limitations. In our customer area, you’ll be able to download upgrades to the skin for one year from the date of purchase. You will also be able to get technical support via our helpdesk for one year. The Roundcube team regularly update their software and we make sure all our skins are upgraded with each new Roundcube release.

2. Compatibility
The skins are compatible with Roundcube 1.2.x and MyRoundcube plugins as of January 2015. They will not work properly with older versions or unreleased beta versions of Roundcube and the plugins. We cannot provide provide technical assistance for unsupported versions.

3. Limitations
One license allows you to install the skins and plugins on a single Roundcube installation. You are allowed to make them accessible via multiple domains – as long as they reside under a single Roundcube installation instance. If you would like to install the skins and plugins on multiple Roundcube installations, contact us for a price quote.

4. Free license
At this time we have one skin available under the free license: LiteCube personal edition. All the other skins are available under the commercial license only.

5. Mega Pack
The Mega Pack includes all the commercial Roundcube skins that we have available, each one provided under the basic license. The price of the Mega Pack could change as more skins become available.

Get help

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to request technical support, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your interest in our Roundcube skins! We hope they’ll be just what you need to make your Roundcube installation more functional and friendly!